I didn’t have time or, rather, I didn’t make time to

## ## Terry Teachout on the arts in New York City

I’ve been eagerly waiting for a New York theater to mount a first class online production of an indisputably major small cast play, one that makes creative use of the qualities distinctive to webcasting instead of merely trying to duplicate the familiar effect of a staged production. That’s what St. Paul’s Park Square Theatre did with its radically innovative Zoom based revival of “The Diary of Anne Frank,” and it’s what New York’s Irish Repertory Theatre has now done with what it is billing as “a performance on screen” of “Molly Sweeney.” “Staged” by Charlotte Moore, the company’s artistic director, who directed the Irish Rep’s 2011 revival of Brian Friel’s great 1994 three person play, this production is as memorable in its own special way as was Ms. Moore’s stage revival. It sets a new standard for what online theater can and should aspire to be.

“I watched the tail end ofMaster and Commanderafter I got home from a dinner party in Washington Heights last night, then read myself to sleep with the last chapter of David Herbert Donald’sLincoln. That, I regret to say, was that. Outside of a late morning session at the gym, Tuesday went up in the smoke of a freelancer’s chores and an afternoon nap. I didn’t have time or, rather, I didn’t make time to experience any art, save for the Chopin nocturnes and Mozart arias playing in the background at the dinner party. Not only did I see no plays or ballets, but I didn’t listen to any music, nor did I read any new Isaac Bashevis Singer stories in between returning phone calls, answering e mail, and fussing with my schedule. I wouldn’t say it was awastedday, but neither can I say that I stopped very often or smelled many roses”This is a blog about the arts in New York City and the rest of America, written by Terry Teachout. Terry is a critic, biographer, playwright, director, librettist, recovering musician, and inveterate blogger. In addition to theater, he writes here and elsewhere about all of the other arts books, [Read More.]

My Plays and Opera LibrettiBilly and Me, my second play, received its world premiere on December 8, 2017, at Palm Beach Dramaworks in West Palm Beach, Fla. Satchmo at the Waldorf, my first play, closedoff Broadway at the Westside Theatre on June 29, 2014, after 18 previews and 136 performances. That production wasdirected [Read More.]

My PodcastPeter Marks, Elisabeth Vincentelli, and I are the panelists on “Three on the Aisle,” a bimonthly podcast from New York about theater in America. [Read More.]

The Long GoodbyeTo read all three installments of “The Long Goodbye,” a multi part posting about the experience of watching a parent die, go here. [Read More.]

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